Saturday, May 2, 2009

Update on Can't Catch a Break

Well I got some of the money owed for rent paid yesterday. I am still working on the rest. My landlord is saying that she will give me until the 5th to get all the way caught up. I have been able to calm my husband down to not be so angry with me and hopefully I can keep it that way. I have told him that I am not out there buying things, or gambling, or blowing our money and then not paying the bills. I dont have the money to begin with and that is just hurting me to get farther and farther in the hole. He still is not going to help me with money and we will still keep our finances seperate, but at least he is not angry anymore and he did get a little bit of groceries to replace the fridge full that we lost when the power was shut off. I have to come up with the rest of the money, so I am getting my AVON brochures out there. I have 150 more books to pass out. I have looked around the house and I have everthing that I can find on eBay up for auction. Anyone looking for a nine west purse, liz claiborne wallet, fabric, baby clothes, and some other random items they are there. IfI can get this paid to her, I will be caught up for about a week until the other bills are due, cable will be shut off next and the reason that cant happen is I work from home and  need my internet. If anyone is looking for general admin work to be done, I have signed up for all the sites that you can bid to do jobs, but no luck yet. If anyone needs anything please contact me. Solo ads sent out. I am trying to have a good attitude and move forward for my kids, and I told myself I will teach them how to save and spend wisely now, maybe that will save them from the heartache i have now. I am having surgery in 5 days and I have never been put under so I have to have all this resolved before then. Thank you for all the kind comments, I appreciate them so much. 

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