Monday, May 4, 2009

This Little Bissell Green Machine, would be a dream come true!

I love to read other blogs in the day to kind of break up my time on the computer working and playing, so I will set a goal of an hour of work gets me 15 minutes of reading another blog. Today I was reading J.Leigh Designz and she is having a Bissell Little Green Machine giveaway. Every time I see the commercial for one of these, I actually start to drool, you know like a little kid that see's her favorite toy or maybe like my great dane does when he see's me getting his food bowl out to feed him. I have been wanting one so bad. If you read my blog, you know that I have 7 kids, 4 cats (had 3 but we adopted a stay this past week) and a great dane dog. My carpet is such a mess!! It is almost a usual event for something to get spilled once a day. My 2 year old is that worst, but the older kids do it as much too. So I keep telling my husband that I would love this machine, once I get things caught up on bills this will be my first toy for myself. Instead of getting the resolve out and getting on my hands and knees once a day minimum to clean a spot or spill I want this! SO I am entering the giveaway and I will cross my fingers and see what happens. Even if I dont win, I am still getting this machine as soon as I can save enough cans. I do my share to save the earth and recycling is the biggest one. I save cans, plastic, paper, and bottles and take them to the recycling center once a month. SO a thank you to Bissell for going green and to J. Leigh Designz for the giveaway.

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