Monday, May 4, 2009

Cute Kid Contest (please vote)

Parenting Tricks is having a cute kid contest. Please vote for my little ham. Go HERE and comment that you are voting for Allyson. I know everyone thinks that they have the worlds cutest kid, but really my youngest is just so much of a ham that I can't help but enter her in the contest. She loves to see herself in the mirror, she will tell you "I'm a princess" and she loves to have the camera on her. She sings full songs from the radio and dances around her bedroom, her favorites being Katy Perry, Pink, and Taylor Swift. I really would love to run with her being so much of an attention getter, but I am waiting one more year until she gets older. On this particular day, we had gone to the tide pools so that the 7 kids could play and get out of house, well her and I went back to the car early because she was getting tired, and had to have her cup and Cheetos. They are a must and I do bring a bag with me any time I know that I will need her to behave for me. I suppose cheetos are better then candy. I would really love to win 1st prize because my link will be placed on Parenting Tricks blog and there is a cash prize, please if you think that she is cute vote for her HERE. You will need to comment and put her name in the comment. My little ham's name is Allyson. And if you thank you so much in advance for the vote and looking at my blog.


  1. An adorable entry to our contest!

  2. I voted for Allyson on the other blog. :)