Thursday, April 23, 2009

Potty Training

Well I think that I am too much of a softy to potty train my youngest. I still think of her as a baby and I dont want her to grow up so fast. She refuses to keep her diaper on, so I thought that I would try it. She does the "potty" dance when she has to go, but getting her to get to the bathroom and sit on the potty in time has been the hard part. So I thought I would use a positive re-enforcement. M&M's. They worked to get her to the bathroom (as you can see her nice blue tongue and smile) but still not pottying in it. She will say all done and since I dont want to push her to be afraid she gets up and pee's on the floor. It has been a long day on our first day, but I think the daiper is going back on and we will try again tomorrow. She turned two in January, maybe I am pushing for it too soon. We will see. I will keep you informed as I keep going... Wish me luck!


  1. oh, she is so cute. I too am having trouble training my youngest - he's my last one and I like his babyness. And he likes being the baby. At least yours doesn't want the diaper. Good luck.

  2. Your babies picture is SO cute!!! LOL!! When YOU are ready to potty train...I found this method to work very well for me (although, not as well as it did for Dr Phil...but very well none the less). Here is the link

    Love your blog and hope you can check out mine too at

    Kidcessory Haven

  3. Not an easy thing to do. Boys are especially hard to potty train. I am afraid I forgot all the tricks. It has been a long time.
    Now I hope I do not offend you with the following suggestion. If you plan on staying with Entrecard,you had better move your card up.
    I have noticed they have started deleting people.
    You have a wonderful blog.

  4. My son turned 2 in January also and we've been trying to potty train him since he was 18 months....we've tried rewarding him with treats, but now he almost expects them everytime he he almost refuses to go. He'll go pee about half the time he actually will sit on the potty, and he'll go pooh on the potty very rarely....I'm guessing the training will take a bit longer for me.

  5. I finally used Potty Boot Camp for our 2 yr old and I am about to start with the 17 month old. You can download the book from the website or get a paperback at I think YOU have to be ready to do it or they wont be successful; they can feed off your emotions....Good luck!

  6. We're still struggling with potty training our lil Steffie... she's 3 1/2 and knows exactly what to do... there are just times when she doesn't want to do it. We've done m&m's and that was successful for a while... went panty shopping... she doesn't care if she pees or poops on Dora!LOL

    One thing that has helped tremendously is a video that we borrow regularly from the Library called Potty Power... she loves it. We've borrowed others as well but this is her favorite and brings the best results for her.

    Maybe it will help your lil one as well. And just keep in mind that they will all eventually learn to use the potty.... when the time is right for them.

    A Lil Enchanted...