Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Potty Training update

I am still struggling with the potty training thing, I even have added the whole family to try and get my youngest to get on board. She so stubborn that I almost want to give up for now and wait. I had such an easy time with my other 3 and even though the boys were older, my older daughter was my youngest daughters age. I was just browsing other blogs today and stopped by the Jolly Mom blog. She is having a giveaway from PottyMD. There is this cute little Monkey that you can use to help out with your potty training. If you are struggling like me you should head over to PottyMD. there is a lot of information that might help you. I have learned that every child is different and may go at their own pace. I dont want to push her, but I thought that the Potty Monkey just might be helpful for me. I will keep at it for now, but soon I might wait and try again later. I have not decided 100% yet.

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